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A mystical world of faeries, goddesses, angels and flowers.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses’published by Ladybird Books

Ladybird book-cover web page

This is a book I illustrated for Ladybird Books about 20 years ago and was a lovely project to be involved in.

Some originals from this book are now available for sale.  The cover has already been sold and the illustration used for the endpapers of the book were sold to the author of the book at the time of the commission.

The spreads shown below are for sale. Click for a larger image of each one to see full details and price.

If you are interested in Ladybird books and art there is a wonderful site run by Helen at www.ladybirdflyawayhome.com which is dedicated to the history of Ladybird books, Ladybird art and the artists and writers who created the books. You will find an interview with myself there.


LB Trees of Diamonds small LB Trees of Silver small
LB  Dancing small
LB prince presends sleep small
King surveys worn shoes.thmbnl Princes in their boats.thmbnl The Glass of Wine.thmbnl
The heavy boat.thmbnl
The Soldier and Old Lady.thmbnl
The Wedding.thmbnl Trees of Gold.thmbnl Underground Castle.thmbnl