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Extract from ‘The Earth is Precious’ speech

The Earth is precious

I am very interested in Medieval illuminated manuscripts with their exquisite patterns of flowers, animals, insects and decoration all in amazing detail surrounding the text. This text had special meaning, usually in a spiritual sense, and was lovingly written in careful lettering to give the reader special delight. The written word in Medieval times was special in an almost holy way, and reading was a devotional pastime aimed to bring spiritual upliftment and inspiration.

I have been particularly moved by the ‘Speech’ attributed to the American Indian Chief Seattle, although my research reveals that there is some doubts as to who actually wrote this speech. However, I still find the words a most beautiful inspiration as to the importance of green issues, and our relationship with the natural world and I am creating a series of illuminated manuscript paintings using extracts from the this ‘speech’.

This is the  first one which I have entitled ‘How can you sell the sky?’ and a high quality print is available.

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