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Buttercups and Daisies Innocence of childhood Beauty Humility and Truth

Buttercups and Daisies

For details on how to commission a painting as a unique gift for someone see the Language of Flowers page.

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Daisies represent the innocence of childhood, and recall the fun of creating daisy chains.

The daisy chain is a mystical symbol of the circle of life, the chain of nature weaving a dream of the simplistic pleasures of childhood.

Daisies have various meanings depending on their colour.  Innocence is represented by an all white daisy while the pink and white daisy refers to beauty, and the wild or common daisy states ‘I will think of it’. A garden daisy declares ‘I share your sentiments’.

Choose daisies to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or as a message to someone special as acknowledgment of mutual feelings.

Buttercups, like other yellow flowers, are associated with wealth, yellow being the colour of the sun and of gold. Include buttercups in a painting to wish someone all the riches of life and a wealth of knowledge, talent or whatever!