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Wood Sorrel    Joy   Faeries and Dancing

Wood Sorrel

Wood Sorrel is a magical flower long associated with faeries, and the innocence of childhood.

It is said that the flowers summon the faeries and elves to midnight dancing by the tinkling of their bell shaped flowers. For that reason it is known as ‘Fairy Bells’.

In the Language of Flowers the meaning of JOY is given to this pretty little white plant and also the meaning ‘Maternal Tenderness’. Iin some country areas of Britain it is also known as the ‘Alleluja plant’ because it is in flower at Easter.

In my painting I have entwined the Wood Sorrel with the pretty little blue  Germander Speedwell.  This plant symbolises kindness and means ‘pleasure to please’ in the Language of Flowers.

These are beautiful little flowers to include in a painting for a new baby or a child. See the ‘Language of Flowers’ page for details of commissions.

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