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Bluebells and Primroses  The Moon and Stars  Constancy Eternal Youth

Bluebells and Primroses

Bluebells are named after a Greek youth ‘Endymion’ with whom the Moon Goddess Selene fell in love.  In folklore bluebells and bluebell woods have always been associated with the magical realm of faeries.

In the Language of Flowers the bluebell represents Constancy and Solitude.

Primroses are also strongly associated with the faerie world and the secrets of the heavens, the flower’s folklore names reflecting this magic mystery with Golden Stars and Keys of Heaven.

In the Language of Flowers the meaning given to Primroses is ‘Eternal Youth’ perhaps reflecting the potential in discovering heavenly secrets. I

Both flowers bring a message of enchantment and magic, and being Spring flowers they speak of new energy, and promises of golden days to come.

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